Best Online Law Courses in India After 12th

What is Law?

The Oxford Dictionaries describes the law as "a regulation created by a government that outlines how citizens would and would not conduct in society and businesses, and that frequently sets specific sanctions if they disobey" The making and enforcing of laws can be seen as a defining characteristic of civilization as a whole and is in many respects the fundamental function of the government. What can be more essential to everyone than how we define right and wrong?

Why is it essential to study Law courses?

Law has notoriety for being complex, archaic, and full of Latin words that most folks don't comprehend. It's a common fallacy that those who study law can only work as attorneys, paralegals, advocates, solicitors, barristers, or judges. A great career in journalism, law enforcement, administration, legislation, or even the media frequently starts with a solid understanding of the law. If you discover something, you should understand how to file a patent so that no one else can utilize your invention. You must realize infringing copyrights to keep the rights to your creation and receive compensation if you write a song or film. 

 Law affects many facets of our lives, both professionally and personally: accountants, property managers, and insurers must be well-versed in the laws that apply to their specific line of work. At IALM, we provide online legal education on some of the most popular legal topics, including maritime laws, intellectual property (IP), and trademarks. These online law courses can be helpful if you need to research a particular area of a patent application or learn what duties a legal secretary has. Employers will respect you more if you have a law certification since it shows you have a solid foundation in ethics, logic, professionalism, thoroughness, impartiality, and justice. It is as simple as signing up, enrolling, and finishing a program to take your elective online law courses.

Law courses in India

After passing the 12th grade at a school, law courses in India are among the most highly prized, career-oriented courses. Previously, the only way to study law was to earn your degree in any field, at which point you would start a standard 3-year study in law as one of your post-graduate programs of study. A new kind of comprehensive 5-year undergraduate law degree program or the law courses online, which the students can undertake right away after finishing their 12th class, has grown. 

 Completing courses on such a flexible work schedule is good for performing the thorough studies of legal provisions necessary to acquire knowledge in this field, offering online courses a great fit for law studies. This adaptability benefits students who desire to advance their legal understanding while maintaining full-time employment. Online courses also allow them to study at their own pace without worrying about missing classes or exams. The flexibility of online learning can also be a huge plus for students who are often away from home on travel or business trips. 

 Students who wish to study law but don't possess the finances to pay for expensive law schools may want to consider enrolling in law courses online.

Law Courses After 12th

Students who pursue law as a profession will find that a law degree is very similar to a bachelor's degree in any other field. Many law schools and online platforms offer law courses in India for high school graduates. Students must select from various legal areas, such as criminal law, paralegal course, intellectual property law, constitutional law, corporate law, family law, international law, tax law, etc. The online platforms usually have a detailed list of available courses, making it easy to identify what you are interested in. Once you have chosen your area of focus, you can enroll in the online law courses after the 12th and start studying. The study duration ranges from 6 months to 2 years, depending on your course. If you wish to further your education in law, consider enrolling in one of the many available graduate programs. 

 In addition to giving them an in-depth understanding of the legal system, these programs also offer practical training in real-life situations that would be part of any job.

What online Law courses make IALM Offer?

IALM, the best online learning platform in the world, provides law courses online on various legal subjects. Many students concentrate on particular legal topics, such as commercial law, common law, corporate law, international law, contracts, labor law, or intellectual property and copyright law. However, you can pursue online law courses in justice, individual rights, and government policy to view legal issues through a more pragmatic, overarching viewpoint. 

 To achieve this, IALM uses a curriculum emphasizing on-the-job skills by allowing you to complete assignments, projects, and presentations to reflect your practical knowledge of the subject. These skills include: drafting documents, applying for grants and contracts, representing clients in court, preparing and negotiating contracts, and conducting legal research online. Furthermore, IALM offers various study materials such as lectures, case studies, and interactive quizzes to make learning easier for both beginners and professionals. Students who have been successful with their online law courses have found that they have retained and built upon their knowledge throughout their careers.


Law is an ever-changing area of study, and innovations are always being developed. This makes it imperative for law graduates to stay abreast of developments in the field. Legal education will give you an understanding of how the law works and allow you to use your newfound knowledge to make important decisions. When you choose IALM to take your law courses online, you will be given a global perspective of the law that will enable you to succeed wherever you go.


Is it deemed worthwhile to take the online law courses offered in India?

Online law courses are unquestionably worthwhile since they prepare students for entry-level positions in an array of legal settings. Careers in law firms, regulatory agencies, nonprofits, and governmental institutions, among other places, may fall under this category.

What is the fee range of online law courses offered in India?

Depending on the specialization chosen, the cost of online law course in India varies, although it is often less expensive than normal programs.

What are some of the most popular specializations for online law courses?

The following are some of the more well-liked online law courses: Intellectual Property Rights Law, Paralegal, Corporate Law, and International Humanitarian Law in Employment & Labor Law

What are the advantages of online law courses in India over traditional law courses?

Online law courses have a number of advantages over traditional law courses. First, online law courses are very flexible. You can take them at your own pace and can study whenever you want. Also, online law courses are usually more affordable than traditional law courses.

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