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This is a dummy course created to test all our courses. Dummy courses are created only to test the overall preformance of courses. 

About IALM

Indian Academy of Law and Management (“IALM”) is a unit of The Indian Legal Foundation (“TILF”) that was founded as a not-for profit and Non-Governmental Organization in the year 2012.  Since it's incorporation, the focus of IALM has been to provide for online courses, webinars and workshops that enhance career opportunities, skill development and knowledge to supplement academic studies.  IALM also provides it's online teaching community with opportunities to exhibit their specialisties and reach out globally to student community.   

Our impressive students list comprises of Corporate Heads, CXOs, Directors, General Counsels, Professionals, Government Employees, R&D workforce, Enterprenuers, Institutional, College & School Students, Defence Officers. Our students are required to run and manage the modern day Corporations, Government and Administration of Justice.

Today, IALM can proudly claim to have touched every organization and institution in a positive manner. 


  • To bridge the gap between Universities' structured syllabus, to the actual skill sets required for being an effective global workforce. 
  • To provide an effective online platform for students to get education, skills development, knowledge enhancement and career opportunities. 
  • To provide an effective online platform for teachers to exhibit their knowledge and experience to global students.
  • Supplement the efforts of Educational Institutions, Law & Business Schools,  Modern day organizations to upgrade skills of  their students and employees. 


  • Innovative methods of delivering courses that makes it interesting and easy to absorb the courseware.
  • Creative flexible approaches to learning and teaching using modern technology tools.
  • Offering an innovative curriculum developed with the aspirations and interests of the student at the centre
  • Making effective use of ICT and new technologies to motivate and inspire students
  • Nurturing close partnerships with local and international organisations, giving students a wide range of opportunities to experience the world of work
  • Providing opportunities for students to extend their learning outside of the formal curriculum.

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