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JUVENILE JUSTICE (CARE AND PROTECTION OF CHILDREN) ACT, 2015 Tamima Nasrin Advocate Kolkata High Court

Course Description:

  • This online guide to Juvenile Justice Act, 2015 will give you details and important points of Juvenile Justice.  This course will make your knowledge on Juvenile Justice clearly with the meaning of Juvenile.
  • This Course also deal with the information on Principles of JJ Act, JJ Board (Composition, Power, Inquiry Procedure, Bail, Appeal, Revision), CWC(Composition, Function, Records maintained), Heinous Offence, Petty Offence, Serious Offence, Rehabilitation, Adoption, Foster Care, Open shelter, Employment of Child Begging, Offences by child, Fit Facility, Aftercare, Child Care Institution and their function and members duties, State Adoption Resource Agency, Central Adoption Resource Authority, Steering Committee, Powers of Authority, Leave of absence to a child placed in an Institution, Release of a child from a Child Care Institution, Transfer of Child, District Child Protection Unit, Special Juvenile Police Unit, Monitoring by State Commissions for Protection of Child Rights, Inquiry in case of a Missing Child, Changes important points which added newly on JJ Act, 2015.

This Course is highly recommended for Law students, Law Practitioners, Child Care Institution worker, Special Juvenile Polices, Many others whose work relate to Juvenile Law and to Child Protection, NGOs and responsible parents.

Benefits of doing this online course from IALM:

  • A must buy for securing good grades in Law exam
  • A highly recommended course for understanding Juvenile Justice Law for protecting each and every child future.
  • This Course is mandatory for the protection of child abuse, begging, crime.
  • Through this course anyone can understand the duties of a case worker as well as a child care institutional worker towards the child.
  • Understand the concept of various homes for children and Adoption rules and regulation.
  • Help to file any case relate to Juvenile.
  • Earn an IALM Certificate

Other important information about this ONLINE Course 

  • Maximum Duration to complete the Course: 3-Month
  • Course Fees: Rs. 7,500/- (Several Payment Options Available: Credit & Debit Cards, Cheque, Demand Draft, Cash, Wire Transfer – NEFT, PayTM)
  • Online Evaluation Method: Based on “Multiple Choice Question (MCQs)” and an “Assignment Submission” of 500-700words. 
  • The score of the online examination will be taken as final result and Grade will be assigned as per the following scheme: Grade A – 80-100, Grade B – 65-79, Grade C – 50-64, Reattempt – Below 50
  • Next Batch: Each IALM course starts every Saturday. Students can register online for the course any time. Upon payment of fees and registration, the present Course will start on the forthcoming Saturday.  If payment is made bnline through credit card, we can start the course immediately.                     

Type Lesson Title Time
Preliminary 6 Hrs
Principles of Care & Protection of Children: 6 Hrs
Juvenile Justice Board & Child Welfare Committee: 6 Hrs
Rehabilitation & Adoption 6 Hrs

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