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Certification on Principals of Immune System & Immunology Prof. D.Kar

Benefits of doing the course;

  • Basics of Immunology, Immune-system and Diseases associated with it.
  • Development of clear overview opens up many careers in biomedical sciences such as
    • Biotechnology
    • MBBS
    • Molecular Biology
    • Diagnostics
    • Pharmacology
    • Molecular Medicine. 
    • Research into infectious agents associated with immune-based pathology. 
  • Immunology is an incredibly exciting and broad area of the biomedical sciences Immunologists can work as scientists or clinicians across different areas of biomedical research and in diverse clinical specialities ranging from allergy to cancer. 
  • Immunology is also fundamental to the life sciences industry; the discipline is core to the development of modern antibody therapies, cellular therapies, small molecule drugs, vaccines and 'biologics' (therapuetic biomolecules).
  • As well as dealing with human illnesses, immunologists also work within veterinary sciences
  • In-depth knowledge, helpful for many competitive examinations on this field of studies.
  • Will allow students to get a prospective for the studies in molecular levels.
  • A highly recommended course for all students with a love for biology at school and university level and students wants to make a carrier into the field of molecular biology and pharmacology.
  • Immunologists are employed in a varied range of organisations across different areas in science and medicine from the National Health Schemes, pharmaceutical/biotech industries to universities. 
  • Immunologists are actively involved in the drug discovery process in the pharmaceutical sector especially for the development of antibodies and vaccines.

Target candidates:

  •  Class 11 & 12 biological science / PCB group students.
  •  Under Graduate students in the field of Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Drug-designing etc.
  •  Students preparing for MBBS and other competitive exams.


  • Maximum Duration to complete the Course: 3-Month
  • Course Fees: Rs. 6500/- (Several Payment Options Available: Credit & Debit Cards, Cheque, Demand Draft, Cash, Wire Transfer – NEFT, PayTM)
  • Online Evaluation Method: Based on “Multiple Choice Question (MCQs)” and an “Assignment Submission” of 500 words.
  • The score of the online examination will be taken as final result and Grade will be assigned as per the following scheme: Grade A – 80-100, Grade B – 65-79, Grade C – 50-64, Reattempt – Below 50
  • Next Batch: Each IALM course starts immediately after payment. Students can register online for the course any time. Upon payment of fees and registration, the present Course will start immediately. 



Type Lesson Title Time
Immune System – An Overview 8 Hrs
Involvement of Cell & Organs in Immune response 8 Hrs
Antigen & Antibodies and their Interactions 8 Hrs
Immunoglobulin – Genetics 8 Hrs
Major Histocompatibility Complex 8 Hrs
T & B cells – Maturation, Activation & Differentiation 8 Hrs
The Compliment System 8 Hrs
Cell-Mediated Immunity 8 Hrs
Infectious Diseases, Immunity & Vaccine 8 Hrs
Immunodeficiency, Autoimmunity & Transplantation Immuno 8 Hrs

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