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IALM Campus Chair Program Outshine, Outstrip and Outdo!

List of Benefits:

IALM invites students to earn prestigious position & designation. Get an opportunity to be appointed as ‘IALM Campus Chair’. The position entitles the selected students to be awarded:

  1. IALM Scholarship Grant: An annual scholarship grant equivalent to costs of one year of books and periodicals. The scholarships on books selected should be relevant for selected student’s current academic course.
  2. Cash Incentives: A Cash Incentive for each paid registered student from your Institution.
  3. IALM Schemes: From time to time, IALM will announce discounts and schemes for Campus Chairs. These discounts can be passed on by Campus Chairs in their colleges.
  4. Internship & Events Attending Opportunities: IALM will provide upto 2 Internship Opportunities or optionally Legal Events Attending Opportunities.
  5. Get Published: IALM will publish your “original written” article/ blog in it’s annual publications.
  6. Get Recognized: IALM will publish your profile alongwith Scholarship details on it’s website.
  7. Work Experience Certificate: IALM will provide customized experience certificate at the end of each successful term of present appointment.


If you feel, you have the sparkle to lead your campus, apply to Registrar@ialm. academy with following details:

  • Your Full Name (attach your digital photo as well):
  • Your Course and Year:
  • Your Institution Name and Address (alongwith City/ State):
  • Your Home Address:
  • Mobile No.
  • Email:
  • Describe in not more than 500 words, three ways in which you can promote IALM courses in your Institution.

Shortlisted Candidates will be called for a Skype Interview within 15-days of their application. 

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