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IALM FACULTY PROGRAM Building the nation


Here is your chance to contribute back to Society and teach skills that you have experienced Facultyin yourcareer and profession. IALM is always in need of professional faculty who have passion to contribute to Nation Building.

Some of our Faculty has decades of practical experience and would like to teach skill sets among younger generation. IALM has customized programs for Faculty in which they can associate with IALM in several ways, including:

  • Earn Fixed Remuneration: Contribute in developing “Original” Course Material for IALM students. Such course material may be text, video, powerpoint, audio or in any format.
  • Honorarium Per Visit: We welcome our Guest Faculty to visit our Campus and teach students on our online platform. IALM offers per visit Honorarium for such classes.
  • Royalty Income: In this program, we encourage our Faculty to take Royalty per Student enrolled for their classes.  The program runs well with combination of Faculty developing and delivering courses to our students.
  • Salary: We welcome full time faculty who have also experience of student counseling.

Please apply in confidence to Registrar@ialm. academy and let us discuss opportunities for mutual growth.

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