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                                              Institution Engagement Models:

IALM seeks potential partnership with prestigious Institutions with respect to several courses that help enhance skills of their students, faculty and young professionals. IALM already has highly qualified and expert Faculty from Corporate and Legal Background to deliver these courses. IALM broadly has three engagement models with Institutions:

  • Model-1: Joint Marketing: In this model, IALM will partner with Institution on certain popular courses and market them together to students.
  • Model-2: Fee Sharing Model: In this model, IALM partners with Institution to provide with skill development on a fee sharing basis.
  • Model-3: Retainer Arrangement: In this model, IALM partners with Institution to provide popular courses on a fixed annual Retainership model.

IALM will be happy to have more discussions with you / your institution to customize it’s engagement models. Please contact at Registrar@ for seeking IALM partnership and engagement.

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