Why you should pursue a profession in Intellectual Property Law

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Why you should pursue a profession in Intellectual Property Law? There are numerous honorable endeavors in the legal profession. Still, whether you're presently practicing law or just starting out, you are likely to be acquainted with the term intellectual property. The legal field of intellectual p...

An ideal Prevention of Sexual harassment policy for organizations

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An Ideal Prevention of Sexual Harassment Policy for Organizations With the #MeToo movement coming to the forefront, the issue of sexual harassment at workplace has come into the spotlight. Sexual harassment at workplace affects women’s right to life and livelihood. It is a violation of fundamental ...

Best Online Law Courses in India After 12th

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Best Online Law Courses in India After 12th What is Law? The Oxford Dictionaries describes the law as "a regulation created by a government that outlines how citizens would and would not conduct in society and businesses, and that frequently sets specific sanctions if they disobey" The making and en...

Benefits of Learning Banking and Finance law!

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Benefits of Learning Banking and Finance law! In a world where technology is constantly changing, it is important to have a basic understanding of banking and finance law. By learning banking and finance law, you can protect yourself and your finances in an increasingly digital world. Banking and f...

Why criminal drafting is important and where to learn it

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Why Criminal Drafting Is Important and Where to Learn It Criminal drafting is an important skill and plays a vital role in writing complaints, affidavits, writs, and applications. It is the only way facts and law come together before the court for the proper and just judgment of the cases. An advoc...
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