Opportunities for the Industry experts to be a part of our Faculty Program
The Indian Academy of Law and Management (IALM) has launched Faculty Enrollment Programme. This Programme will provide a unique and huge opportunity for respective faculties to engage and get united with IALM. This Programme is being organized to give hike students' knowledge. We strongly believe a good Faculty is like a candle, it consumes itself to light the way for others and Faculty is the one profession that creates all other professions. IALM strongly believe that the Indian student community will gain enormously in their profession and careers with excellent faculty. We are sure that your valued experience in this field will improve our student's intelligence and develop their knowledge and their career path.

How to Design your modules?

You start with your passion and knowledge. Then choose a promising topic. It's important to make sure your course is engaging for your students with a well-structured, practical, and satisfying learning experience.
The way that you teach — what you bring to it — is up to you.
We offer plenty of resources on how to create your first course. And, our team helps keep you organized.

  1. Choose your course topic: Choose something you're proficient in and genuinely excited about teaching
  2. Document Your Course ContentCreate content that is easily accessible and portable on any device. Our support team is available to help you throughout the process and provide feedback on test videos.
  3. Write your Course Arrival Page: Even if students find your course through natural search, IALM promotions, or through your IALM marketing efforts, they'll ultimately land on your Course arrival page (CAP). This is where students decide whether your course is worth enrolling in by reviewing your title, course description, preview lectures, etc.
  4. Gather your first ratings and reviews by promoting your course through social media and your professional networks.
  5. Our promotions drive traffic to courses. There’s even more opportunity for courses chosen for IALM Business.

Benefits for Faculty
    1. Gain access to learners around the world
    2. Own your content
    3. Teach your way
    4. Expand your earning potential
    5. Be a part of a thriving community
    6. Your course will be discoverable on our website where you earn revenue from each paid enrollment. (Conditions apply)

    How IALM marketing benefits you

    1. Seasonal campaigns
    2. Advertising on popular sites
    3. Tapping into our deep knowledge of student interests
    4. Social Media Marketing
    5. Organizing workshops & events
    6. Organizing webinars for IALM students' engagements
    7. Growing your course sales
    8. Managing your reputation in the market

    About IALM
    Indian Academy of Law & Management ("IALM") bridges the skills gap between what is being taught in Indian law schools or in any Indian law institute, by providing online law courses in various disciplines...
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