IALM Institutional Collaboration Program.

IALM is an “ONLINE” platform that hosts several short-term courses for students & young professionals and provides them with career opportunities & knowledge development. At present, more than 45,000 students across the country have registered themselves in order to gain knowledge, and expertise or seek career opportunities.

 Our renowned faculty includes former Chief Justice of India, Former Judges of the Supreme Court of India and several High courts, Senior Bureaucrats (IAS officials – including the office of Prime Minister of India), Industry & Business Leaders, like General Counsels, CEOs, Directors of Indian & Multinational Corporation. More information about IALM is available at www.ialm.academy. IALM seeks your partnership with respect to the following two programs that are described herewith:


This program entails IALM and partnering institutions issuing joint certification on the online courses/ topics. Most of the existing courses are skill development courses and any student (law, engineering or management) can take these courses on the IALM platform. This program is also based on the revenue-sharing model.

How does this work?

1. IALM hosts an online course (either developed by IALM or your institution) on its Learning Management System(LMS)  platform. This course will result in students getting a Joint Certification;

2. The course will provide Joint Certification between IALM and your institution;
3. IALM due to its strong global social media and marketing presence will market the course;
4. The revenues of the fees get shared equally between IALM and your institution.

Benefits for your institution.

1. No investments are required by the Institution;
2. Courses are accessible anywhere, at any time on any device.
3. Additional Revenue Stream for Institutions;
4. Global publicity and reach of Institution;
5. Enhancement of knowledge, skills, and learning for institution’s                 students;
6. Several Online-Internships programs for participating students;
7. Generating new student leads for the participating institution during the institution admission process;
8. Engagement opportunity for Faculty and Students.

Additional (Free) benefits from IALM?

  • One-day workshop by IALM industry experts for your institution's faculty and students. Such workshops could have topics like,

1. Advance Intellectual Property Rights Law and Procedures,

2. Cyber Frauds & Legal Remedies;

3. Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace,

4. Corporate Contract Drafting,

5. Engineering Laws (Patents, Trademarks, Cyber laws & Space);

6. Art of Advocacy,

7. Artificial Intelligence, and many more topics.

  •  IALM certification for all participants of the workshop.
  •  Rs. 1000/- discount coupon on the IALM platform for all participants.
  • Top 3 winners of a quiz taken in the workshop to be awarded free course on “Advance Certification in IPRs – Law & Procedure” worth Rs. 10000.

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