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Experience: 7years
Email: [email protected]
Contact number: 9650727918
Qualification: Graduate in Commerce from Madras University, MCA, IGNOU
Expertise: FACULTY IN SOFT SKILLS & BEHAVIORAL TRAINING, Diploma in Multimedia from Image, GNIIT from NIIT Chennai Diploma in Technical Writing KBuffer Chennai MCA, IGNOU Diploma in Advanced Training for Soft Skills from The American TESOL Institute ICP-ACC Certified Agile Coach, 2018
Language speaks: English, Hindi
State: Delhi District: South

Hardika is Training faculty in the field of Soft Skills & Behavioral training programs. Her rich experience of over 7 years ranges from popular corporate, startups and individuals. As a Corporate Trainer her approach has always been experiential & engaging. She is known for her unending energy levels in workshop. Her unique way of facilitation inspires and motivates the participants to take action. She has distinctive and distinguished abilities to help the participants move ahead with vigor towards their vision and goal.
Areas of Expertise:
-With a experience 7 Yrs in the field, as a Trainer, Coach, Facilitator, She has established a rapport and goodwill, which has  become a zeal for her to give the best to her participants
-All kind of soft skills and behavioral interventions
-Specialist in various forms of Etiquette such as Business & Social Decorum including Cross Cultural, Dining, Grooming and  Telephone Etiquette

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