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Certified Labour Laws and Employment Compliance Practitioner

Instructor: SURYA PRABHA

Language:  English

Learners Enrolled: 426 (Past) + 27 (Active)

Course Duration: 90 Days

Course Fees (INR):  10000/-

Online Employment Law & Labour Law Course by IALM 


Employment laws and labour laws have a triangular relationship. Employees, employers, and unions are all involved. The law pertaining to employment, compensation, working conditions, unions, and workplace relations is known as labour law. It seeks to define and codify the duties of employers toward their employees. These laws are passed by the central and state governments. Both individual & collective labour laws make up the next two basic types of labour legislation. The rights of a single employee and a firm's employees at a workplace are covered by labour laws. The form of labour laws around the world has been significantly influenced by the current economic and social circumstances. Various elements of work include:

  • Labour law & management,
  • Relations between an employer and a worker
  • Unfair business practices
  • Inequalities among salaries
  • Employee safety and well-being
  • Annual leaves, breaks, hours and days of work, etc.

Labour law is essential in today's interconnected world for protecting workers' rights and addressing the drawbacks of globalization. 

The IALM's Certificate in Industrial and Labour Laws and Employment law courses, which is offered online, educates participants on topics like work practice, interpersonal communication, and labour law. 

Your understanding of the rules regulating employment practices and labour rights will improve after taking our online labour law courses. This gives the legislation's members a foundational and in-depth understanding of labour laws. 

This labour law online course will go into detail on significant labour rules and how Indian businesses can comply with them. The Industrial Relations Experts, Labour Lawyers & Practitioners, Labour Union Representatives, Paralegals, Law Alumni, Attorneys, Human Resource Managers & executives, as well as anyone looking to start and operate a business in India, can all benefit greatly from such labour law courses in India. 

This online labour law course also shows the participant's proficiency in using analysis of statistical data approaches for commercial decision-making.

What will you study in this online labour law course?

By enrolling in IALM's certificate course in industrial & labour laws, students will gain knowledge in the following topics.

  • Upon completing the certification course in industrial and labour legislation, the candidate will comprehend the principles in the labour industry.
  • Through this labour law course, they will also comprehend numerous social works.
  • The learner will comprehend the fundamental rules of federal labour law.
  • The applicant would get knowledge of statistical data analysis.
  • Applicants will also be educated on labour laws.
  • This labour law training also includes socialization concepts.
  • The applicant will become familiar with various state labour laws.
  • The pupils will comprehend the ideas behind personality development.
  • The methods used in statistical data analysis are also covered in this labour law & employment law course.
  • The trainee will learn in-depth information regarding numerous labour rules.

What knowledge and abilities are addressed in this online Employment law course?

  • Learn about authoring techniques & media law-related strategies.
  • Develop your ability to write employment agreements and rules for various employee levels.
  • Recognize typical employment legal conflicts and how to stave them off or resolve them.

Labour Law Course Training.

Online delivery will be used for this training. Lectures, testimonials, as well as the presentation of personal encounters will make up the majority of the course. Additionally, group conversations will be a component of it, making it participatory.

Why Choose IALM For Online Labour Law Courses:

  • Instructors with Expertise: Our faculty members have a great deal of experience in their particular fields like in IPR law, corporate law course, drafting courses etc., therefore they are all proficient in the subject matter they teach.
  • Excellent Content:  We want to communicate knowledge, not only make money. Because of this concept, our courses are affordable and provide wide information.
  • Short duration:  We are aware of how much job strain you are under. We have therefore limited the length of all of our courses to enable concentrated study.
  • Worth the money:  With IALM, you have the chance to learn things that other business schools and law schools do not cover.
After doing this Labour Law online course, students will be able to:
  • Learn several workmen-related compliances that companies need to follow in India and the consequences of breach of those compliances;
  • Learn on how and when of all compliances under several Labour cum Employment Law statutes of Employees’ Provident Fund & Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952, Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972, Maternity Benefit Act, 1961 etc.;
  • Provide machinery for settling industrial disputes and welfare of workers;
  • A highly recommended course for Employment Lawyers, Industrial Relations Practitioners, Law Students, MBA students, Management Executives, Company Secretaries, Chartered Accountants, Paralegals, Litigants, and Government and PSU officials.
Jobs & Career Opportunities after accomplishing this online certificate labour law course in India:

There are some departments and fields where various jobs are available after completing this course like:

  • Law firms
  • Labour unions
  • Corporate law departments
  • State and local governments
  • Employee benefit funds
  • Consulting firms
  • Variety of federal and state government regulatory agencies, such as
    • TheEEOC
    • Department of Labor
    • National Labor Relations Board
    • Office of Labor-Management Standards,
    • National Mediation Board
    • Federal Labor Relations Authority

can all employ labour and employment lawyers at various posts related to:

  • Litigation 
  • Arbitrator
  • AttorneyCase Manager
  • Jury
  • Consultant
  • Legal Analyst
  • Legal Assistant 
  • Legal Services Director
  • Law Firm
  • Administrator
  • Paralegal
  • Law Firm Administrator
  • Judiciary
  • NGO workers etc.

Important Information About This Online Labour Law Course:

  • Maximum Duration to complete the Course: 3-Months
  • Course Fees: RS. 10,000/- (Payment through Credit & Debit Cards, CHEQUE, Demand Draft, Cash, Wire Transfer – NEFT)
  • Online Evaluation Method: Based on “Multiple Choice Question (MCQs)” and an “Assignment Submission” of 500 words.
  • The score of the online examination will be taken as the final result and Grade will be assigned as per the following scheme: Grade A – 80-100, Grade B – 65-79, Grade C – 50-64, Reattempt – Below 50
  • Next Batch: Each IALM course starts immediately after payment. Students can register online for the course at any time. Upon payment of fees and registration, the present Course will start immediately.

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